Dr Ahmed Sherif

After guiding +100 dreamers to get the results they wished for And years of experience in the online coaching field

It is time to share with you the story behind it all
It’s not only my story;

you’ll find yourself between the lines as well

Hi there, I’m Dr. Ahmed Sherif, 
Online Coach ,Rheumatologist, rehabilitation and physical medicine
Clinical and sport nutritionist and Ex-struggler!

For years, I struggled with dieting and exercising. No matter how much time I exercised in the gym, it wouldn’t help me achieve my goals.
Many diet plans, countless training hours, humble results, and high frustration!

I had enough!
And, as a researcher, I couldn’t do anything but search for answers.

Why me, you, and many others go through the same experience every single day?

I found the answer to be lack of knowledge, lack of motivation, and of course holding all these myths about how having a healthy lifestyle is difficult,
impossible, costly, and tasteless.

It was the point when I decided to stop this hell loop.

Having a medical background, studying professional coaching certificates, and holding a scientific researcher personality, I started my career in nutrition and online coaching.

The backbone of my career was the science and experience merged.
I decided to break all the myths you have
To educate you with the latest research findings
And make sure you don’t go through the same hell loop while taking steps to
achieve your dream.

And pave the unpaved way to make it easier and healthier for you.

That’s what I do since 2017, through customized diet and workout plans, mouthwatering healthy recipes, and tons of educational videos and e-books to help
you have an enjoyable and enlightened journey.

Get inspired by my client's transformation

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