Dr Ahmed Sherif

A Humanized Journey Based on sience

And customize only for you

Through 4 simple, proven steps, You'll finally reach your dream shape


Choice Your Plan​

Subscibe to the suitable plan from basic and elite 
And the first step is already done



Fill Out To Customize

Fill out a 5 minutes questionnaire about your lifestyle, eating habits, and favorite food. 
All you need to do in this step is to be you.



Your Roadmap For A Dream Destination

You get your customized diet and workout plan within 3-4 days from the first chit-chat with your coach.
A customized Plan with your favorite food, workout that matches your goals and dreams, e-books, executive videos, recipe book, and more. All to make it an enlightened, enjoyable journey. 



Watch Your Dreams Come True

We know it’s always hard to commit to your healthy life-changer journey, no matter how much you want to. 
That’s Dr.Ahmed won’t let you on your own here. 
Step-by-step with excessive follow-up and regular adjustment in your plans to suit your new metabolism system will take place.



The results of these 4 steps?


    19y Hard gainer, take years trying magic recipes, and beast workouts. Till he decided to start a journey but this time a customized science based journey. He gained muscles and strength.


    Dr mohamed mokhtar

      Best genetics without knowledge are nothing. He was struggling hours and hours in the gym All he get is sweat. Until he decides to start to discover the real limit of his body. Now he gets muscles. huge,lean muscles. Also he was learning about nutrition and coaching founding his passion on it.

      Dr mohamed mokhtar


        20y boy used to workout since 15 He decided to work as floor coach with limited knowledge. He wants not only to have a good physique but also gain some knowledge. Now he has a great physique with huge knowledge. And his salary get doubled


        You're one click away from your dream

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